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Giaquinta Family is part of the Wine Roads.

Based on personalized attention, guided tours are made with tours of the vineyards, gardens, winery facilities and fractional facilities. Also directed tastings are made, at which time the visitor enjoys the wine appealing to all his senses.

In the establishment there is the Capillita “San Vicente”, a place of prayer and peace. There is also a green space that highlights a water fountain, a small museum of implements of the wine industry and a gazebo that – when the weather allows it – is the place chosen for tasting,contemplating the hill Tupungato.

A hallmark of the experience is that the attention is carried out by the owners themselves or by female staff who have been working in the winery for many years, with a strong sense of belonging and knowledge of the activity, which allows the visit to be didactic and very warm above all.
Without a doubt,the winemaking tradition of a family, the stories and particularities of La Arboleda – terroir where Tupungato is born -, emotions and sensations, will be intertwined around the culture of the vine and wine, to make it a unique experience.

Arboleda district

La Arboleda is a town located 5 km from the City of Tupungato. It is the oldest district of the department, seat of its first political delegates. The lands were occupied by native peoples before the arrival of the Spaniards.

Dating from the beginning of the 17th century,
when a group of Jesuit parents formed the Jesus, Mary and Joseph stays in the current district of La Arboleda, but it would be in November 1858, from a decree establishing the division of the united jurisdiction of San Carlos and Tupungato, that this The latter would get its foundation as a villa.

Between that date and 1885, the department of Tupungato was organized constituting a Civil Registry, a Justice of the Peace and a police station. Ten years later, the municipality would be reorganized by establishing the main village as a seat.

This district has an important historical symbology, because that is where Tupungato was founded.
Very close to the Winery Viñedos and Familia Giaquinta, is the founding monolith of the Department.

Given the above, it is that the winery includes information about this town in its explanation during the guided tour, highlighting the historical and cultural heritage that the area has,
that at the time was inhabited by huarpes and Jesuits; and that today its territory is characterized by the implantation of vines, farms and fruit trees; In addition to the presence of wineries and other agribusiness ventures.


Visitas, degustación y venta de vinos.
Lunes a viernes: 9,00 a 12,00 hs. – 16,00 a 18,00 hs. Sábados: 9,00 a 12,00 hs.

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La Arboleda. Tupungato. Valle de Uco.